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Rethinking your Renewal Strategy

Digital Academy Association Strategy

Rethinking your Renewal Strategy

Tuesday, 31 May - 10:00 AM until 3:00PM (AEDT)

Your association’s renewal strategy is one of most important factors in retaining members and attaining your growth aspirations. In 2022, reinventing your renewal strategy will be the key to ensuring your success. Renewal Strategies must encompass more than just your communications plan, but your member journey, digital pathways, and value add automation. This workshop-style training is designed specifically to help association executives and managers to navigate their renewal strategy, learning through real-world scenarios and examples. This course is not technical and not aligned to any products. It will help any association executive or manager working across membership, communications, marketing or finance to enhance your approach to renewals, retention and growth.  Please note this is a Term 1 Course. Purchasing a passport for this course will be based on the purchase of Terms 1-4.

Managing your RiSE Website Content

Digital Academy Engage iMIS

Managing your RiSE Website Content

Tuesday, 24 May - 10:00 AM until 12:00PM (AEDT)

iMIS provides your association with a powerful CMS to deliver exceptional website and digital experiences. In this Engage iMIS course you will learn from the Causeis Digital team on best practices for managing your website content. You will learn new tips, shortcuts, testing methods and more.  Please note this is a Term 2 Course. Purchasing a passport for this course will be based on the purchase of Terms 2-4.

Our Difference

Three Pillars of our Consulting for your Success


Through all layers of our consulting we ensure you have the right data to measure performance, impact and your success. Data structure, reporting, and analysis is the foundation to our consulting approach.


To implement a successful digital solution relies on ensuring the process for the member or your staff is well defined. Processes can ensure a digital solution has the best possible experience. We remove barriers and ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the process.


Creating memorable digital experiences is what we do. Combining our expertise across developing solutions that encompass data and process ensures the best experience for your members and your staff.


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