We are your association's digital growth partner. 

Causeis is the market leader in providing associations with digital growth consulting by leveraging from our vast experience and global technology providers.

Member experience, UX design, association growth strategies and data driven decisions drives our consulting solutions. Combined with our preferred technology partners including the global-leading software iMIS we help associations grow, transform and thrive. 

Causeis provides a full suite of consulting to enable your associations digital growth and performance. Causeis is the leading Asia Pacific award-winning iMIS solution provider - explore how associations have benefited from our digital consulting. 

We are Certified for your peace of mind
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Solutions to transform your association

Digital Growth Strategies

Formulating growth-driven strategies across your association. We specialise in member experience design, retention growth, engagement and data strategies.

Technology Implementer 

Partnering with global-leading technology, access a full range of solutions from AMS/CRM implementations, member centric websites, marketing to CPD. 

Data Driven Insights

Data driven decisions is the foundation to grow and transform your association. We’ll help you find opportunities, identify risk and measure your associations performance. 

Training & Support

With support at your finger tips, we’re here to help. We are passionate about providing your staff with tailored training and support to maximise your technology platforms.

Digital improvement blog


Are You Renewal Ready?

We wanted to share our tips and advice for being renewal ready. Your associations renewal campaign cannot be left up to chance and in-fact last year’s strategy may need further refinement.

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Google Ads - How can they Benefit your Association

Google provides paid advertising called Google Ads. Google ads have become one of the most cost-effective and far-reaching methods of promoting businesses online.

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Cash, accrual, deferred: what does it all mean?

iMIS uses double entry bookkeeping to record transactions. Every transaction entered in iMIS contains at least two lines

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