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Associations are finding new and improved ways to stay ahead of their competition now more than ever, and they are striving to become the thought-leaders of their industry. What better way to improve your member experience, value proposition and create new revenue streams than by offering an industry-specific careers portal to your website.

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Causeis Smart Jobs for iMIS


Easily configure your jobs board to support paid job advertisements and create new revenue for your association.


Reduce staff costs through a simple interface for managing your jobs board and enable your members to create and manage their own listings with easy-to-use tools.


Measure effectiveness with real-time tracking of job ad views, click-throughs, and more for both staff and advertisers.

Value for Your Association

Eradicate other online systems for managing your Jobs and Career Centre and centralise it all within iMIS EMS.
Allow your job seekers to easily search and navigate advertised positions.
Streamline payment and reconciliation using iMIS EMS payment gateways.
Allow jobs to be submitted online with workflows to approve and publish.

Features of Causeis Smart Jobs

  • Job posters can buy and create job listings based on products created by your association (i.e. single job listing, bundle of 6 job listings, featured single listing, etc).
  • Ability to specify custom rules as to who can post job listings for free or at a discounted rate (e.g. Members post free).
  • Job listing descriptions are deeply customisable through use of a contemporary WYSIWYG editor.
  • Both staff and job posters can gain insights on how well their job ads are performing with metrics including views, clicks, and position description downloads.
  • Staff site dashboard provided in iMIS to aid in the management of user created job listings, to approve or reject new job listings, and to track usage analytics across job listings.
  • Job seekers search for job listings using location, type, category, and keyword filters. Features jobs are displayed at the top of the results.

Smart Configuration Options

Smart Jobs works in iMIS EMS Enterprise
Simple pricing for all associations
Smart Jobs requires iMIS RiSE to support your website
Flexible functionality to support your associations’ needs
Access to ongoing improvements and updates as they’re released
Success Story

APHA's Private Hospital Jobs: Connecting Top Talent with Private Hospitals, Powered by Causeis Smart Jobs

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