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Online content comes in many different formats, and associations have an endless amount of valuable information they can provide their members online. With Causeis Smart Library, you can create an online, searchable resource library available to your members and non-members to browse and download helpful information and content - across Word, PDF, Excel and other supported file types.

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Causeis Smart Library for iMIS


Create and deliver digital content to your various stakeholders, including members, public visitors, event attendees, and more.


Upload and publish content listings in several different formats such as .pdf, .docx, and .xlsx directly to iMIS in just a few quick and easy steps.


Monitor and track viewership and downloads across your content directly in iMIS.


Reuse your content and create new revenue streams you didn’t know you had.

Value for Your Association

Streamline online access to your knowledge banks, resources, or toolkits
Showcase your resources online with a searchable library of your content across Word, PDF, Excel, and other supported file types.
Protect your content with gated content rules, while still showing the value of your membership.
Dashboard for your staff to easily maintain and manage your ever-growing resource library.

Features of Causeis Smart Library

  • Online searchable resource library with featured categories as the landing page.
  • Gated content with dynamic access based on IQA (i.e. members only, public, payment required for all, etc). Provides opportunities to upsell membership for access.
  • Allows for various forms of file uploads, including .pdf, .xlsx, .pptx, .pdf, .png. zip, and URLs.
  • Contemporary WYSIWYG editor for description of resource entry.
  • Fuzzy keyword search, rather than direct keyword search to help find resources easier.
  • Ability to group or bundle multiple resources into a single listing.
  • Related, ‘suggested content’ shown under each resource.
  • Ability to sell resources via iMIS Commerce module.
  • Ability to link resource entries to upcoming events and Smart Video entries.
  • Staff site dashboard for management of resources and to view analytics of views and downloads.
  • Ability to use tags and categories to group and filter resource listings.
  • Resources are hosted within your iMIS EMS environment.

Smart Configuration Options

Smart Library works in iMIS EMS
Simple pricing for all associations
Flexible functionality to support your associations’ needs
Access to ongoing improvements and updates as they’re released
Success Story

Association Success Stories & iMIS Showcase: Creating a Compelling Digital Resource Library with Christian Schools Australia

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