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Associations have an abundance of online video content; however, what happens to this content once the event has passed? Increase your revenue opportunities and member experience by reusing and reselling your online video content from one easy to navigate, smart library.

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Causeis Smart Videos for iMIS


Create online video content through your associations digital events and learning offering


Upload your video content to vimeo


Publish them to your iMIS RiSE website in just a few quick and easy steps


Reuse your content and create new revenue streams you didn’t know you had

Value for Your Association

Improve your associations value proposition by offering your members and customers access to a video library.
Improve your content strategy through the reuse and resale of your live webinars through the publishing of post event videos for greater access and use.
Reduce staff costs, through a simple interface for managing your videos.
Eradicate other online systems for managing your video library and consolidate within iMIS EMS.

Smart Configuration Options

Smart Video works in iMIS EMS
Simple pricing for all associations
Smart Video requires iMIS RiSE to support your website
Easy video upload with no page styling required

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Designed and Developed with your Members and Association in mind

Smart Suite for iMIS

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