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APHA's Private Hospital Jobs: Connecting Top Talent with Private Hospitals, Powered by Causeis Smart Jobs

Improve your member experience, value proposition and create new revenue streams by offering an industry-specific careers portal on your association's website.

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The Australian Private Hospitals Association is a national peak body representing the private hospital sector in Australia. Its members include private hospitals, day surgeries.

Using Causeis Smart Jobs, APHA offers their members an industry-wide careers portal for their members to post job listings across the wide range of roles and areas of interest within the private healthcare space.

Causeis collaborated with APHA to create a dedicated website for Private Hospital Jobs, and further enhanced the functionality of Smart Jobs by integrating it with various HRM and Talent Management platforms already in use by APHA members.

These integrations have enabled members to effortlessly publish job ads to both their internal jobs boards and APHA's Private Hospital Jobs, which increases their promotional reach and complements their existing recruitment practices.

Key Features of APHA’s Private Hospital Jobs

  • Competitively priced: Unlimited listings offered to APHA members for a flat annual fee. Individual listings outside of this package can be purchased at a small fee.
  • Private hospital focused: Only private hospitals can be advertised with APHA.
  • Individually branded: Each hospital can showcase their unique selling points and employment opportunities.
  • Flexible: Private Hospital Jobs can link to existing jobs boards for broader promotion and allows for job applications to be received from candidates via email, Seek, or other existing HR/applicant software.


“APHA had five key requirements when developing Private Hospital Jobs: affordable for members, user friendly, variable pricing for member/non-members, two distinct service offerings to meet our mix of member needs and no additional work required from APHA staff.

Causeis’ Smart Jobs delivered on all these requirements. Their management of the project was excellent, from the overview provided at kick-off, keeping us informed of progress and addressing issues during the testing phase.

With more than 20 people across eight organisations involved in this project there was a lot to keep on track. The Causeis team handled their roles and the input from others with good humour and professionalism.”

Australian Private Hospitals Association

Causeis Smart Jobs allows associations like APHA to effortlessly configure their jobs board to support paid job ads, creating additional revenue streams using only base-iMIS functionality, without any third-party plugins needed.

The entire process can be fully automated, from the management and processing of job listing purchases to the posting and removal of expired listings, freeing up your staff's valuable time.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, Smart Jobs' straightforward interface is easy to manage and offers real-time reporting to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your jobs board.

By offering an industry-specific careers portal, associations can benefit in multiple ways. Not only does it enhance the member experience and add value to the association's value proposition, but it also generates new non-dues revenue streams. It's a win-win situation.

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