iMIS Accelerator Week: Sprint 4 - Reporting with iQA


iMIS Accelerator Week: 3 - 7 June by Causeis

 You're invited to the iMIS Accelerator Week, your free & live virtual iMIS Training with Causeis. 

  • Sprint 1 - iMIS Overview (Monday) 
  • Sprint 2 - iMIS Events and Templates (Tuesday) 
  • Sprint 3 - iMIS Financials (Wednesday) 
  • Sprint 4 - iMIS Reporting with iQA (Thursday) 
  • Sprint 5 - iMIS Process Automation (Friday) 

Your exclusive free & live virtual iMIS skills training. Join us every day of this week to accelerate your iMIS knowledge and skills while getting to meet the Causeis team. 

We will continue the iMIS Accelerator Week with Sprint 4: iMIS EMS Reporting with iQA, our Service Delivery Manager, Conrad Henley-Calvert will take you through everything you must know about iMIS Reporting with iQA. Whether you are setting up a new reporting, copying an existing, modifying old reports or simply wanting to brush up on your reporting skills.

Why attend:

  • All registrants will receive access to the slides, and video after the event.
  • Brush up on your iMIS EMS skills with our Accelerator Training. 
  • Access leading iMIS Consultants and ask questions as you learn. 
  • Free and complimentary to all registrants. 
  • Attend each day live, and in the draw to win a full ticket to Digital First 24 valued at $500. 

Register now to secure your spot and get ready to take your association to the next level! Please note these events are only open to association professionals. 


Thursday, 06 June 2024
11:00 am to 12:30 pm AEST