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Causeis is proud to offer the industry strategic and thought provoking workshops and courses.

Whether you attend a Digital Academy course that provides attendees with in-depth training or one of our shorter Innovative Thinking Series we will help you understand the ever evolving world of digital to help your association become more agile, innovative, and grow.




10:00 am -
4:00 pm


Digital Academy Engage iMIS

Engage iMIS: Data, Reporting and Dashboarding

Your iMIS environment is the backbone to your association’s success. With so much data at your fingertips do you have the knowledge to really harness the data, develop reports and establish dashboards to measure your performance?

RSVP Date: 18-November-2021




10:00 am


Digital Academy Association Strategy

Engagement Scoring for Growth and Continuous Performance

Engagement Scoring is a powerful tool that associations can leverage to identify growth opportunities and enhance performance. Your association cannot rely on past activities to measure future success.

RSVP Date: 07-December-2021