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Ashley Hunt, Causeis

Ashley has been a Consultant with Causeis since 2018. Prior to joining Causeis, he worked at a sporting association for 5 years and learned the depth of iMIS along the way. Having worked with iMIS from both a user and consultant perspective gives him expert understanding of the goals the Causeis clients have.

Ashley's role at Causeis is quite varied and covers the core areas of solution delivery, project implementation, support and training. Each of the Causeis consultants bring an area of expertise to the team. Ashley's includes reporting, process improvement, membership analytics, dashboarding, database maintenance and engagement solutions. Basically, Ash is your go-to data wrangler and problem solver.

Ashley now heads up the Development Team at Causeis, who are responsible for developing our Smart Suite products that extend iMIS to enable your associations growth and digital member value proposition.