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Support is crucial to the success of iMIS in your organisation, ranging from simple everyday tasks to critical operational activities.

Causeis has worked with multiple not-for-profit organisations, providing various levels of both operational and technical support. We are here to support your iMIS needs so you can focus on your mission.


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Peace of mind...

At Causeis, we understand the complex and dynamic nature of not-for-profit organisations and the urgent need to respond accordingly. Our support offerings will provide your organisation with the necessary resources and expertise to ensure your business continues to focus on its mission.

Dedicated support or simply when you need it. You decide...

Causeis has built a reputation of having industry-leading support, ready to go, when you need it. Our experts can be dedicated to you, when you need them, onsite or offsite, no matter the magnitude of the task. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to determine a suitable arrangement. 

A glance at some of our support options. One or as many as you need...

Causeis is experienced in providing a range of support options to suit your needs and to ensure you're maximising your investment. Below are some of the more common support services we provide:

Systems Support

  • Technical enquiries and problem solving
  • New and existing iMIS functionality
  • Report developments or modifications
  • Financials reconciliation and end-of-month support
  • End user procedures and documentation
  • Day-to-day activity support for your peace of mind 

Campaign Support

  • Data segmentation and targeting
  • Data selection and quality assurance checks
  • Membership renewal campaigns preparations
  • Fundraising direct mail requirements 

iMIS Third-party Software Support

  • Informz to iMIS integration support
  • eTouches to iMIS integration support 

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