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Transforming Association Member Mapping with Causeis' Smart Maps: A Success Story with Christian Schools Australia

Causeis has developed Smart Maps to elevate associations' value proposition by providing a modern and seamless user experience for member mapping. Smart Maps offers a new modern solution that allows your website users to easily locate and connect with members via familiar mapping experience.

Smart Maps primary function is to enable users to effortlessly locate association members that match their filter options within their search vicinity, be it individual or company members, and then present them visually utilising Google Maps. Company profiles which provide key information and contact details of those mapped comes standard with Smart Maps, also.

To learn about the effectiveness of Smart Maps and the partnership with Causeis, we spoke with Trudy Figueroa, Executive Officer at Christian Schools Australia. She shared her experience of how Causeis provided a modern mapping solution for their members and website users with Smart Maps.

What made you choose Causeis’ Smart Maps solution?

Previously, CSA had an alternative mapping platform that was not particularly responsive. We had identified the need to replace the mapping solution with a more modern tool that would be easy to use for our website users.

The Smart Maps demo showed the solution was highly responsive and offered a more intuitive experience. Further, it made sense to continue our partnership with Causeis, who were our partner through the development of our new iMIS RiSE website and iMIS EMS Enterprise implementation.

More specifically, the prior solution’s search functionality was a radial search, which had a restriction of up to 100km in radius per search. This was fine in some use cases but was a limitation for those users interested in performing broader searches. With Smart Maps, this is no longer a limitation.

Can you describe your end-users’ experience of using Smart Maps?

Whilst not an end-user, a CSA staff member who recently joined the team highlighted the need for a better solution. They were one of the first to test the Smart Maps solution before it went live on our website and gave it two thumbs up. We also road-tested Smart Maps with our national team who agreed that it provided a much better user experience.  We are now less worried about not having feedback externally, as the contact we received previously from our members and end-users was that the previous solution wasn’t working or didn’t work well, so, no news is good news!

What features of Smart Maps do you find most valuable?

For one, it’s very quick. The fact that you can move the map around to view new results on-the-fly without limitation is amazing. It works just as nicely on mobile too, which is always a plus.

How does Smart Maps compare with your legacy solution?

Far more responsive in terms of speed and results, there really isn’t a direct comparison out there.

Would you recommend Smart Maps to other organisations?

Yes, indeed for all the reasons above.

What has it been like working with Causeis? How did you find the Smart Maps implementation process?


We have been working with Causeis since our IMIS implementation and website build in 2020, we are very grateful for this partnership.  We’re aware that we selected a great partner and continue to engage with them on both support matters and other projects as and when they come to hand – Smart Maps was obviously no exception.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience from having implemented Smart Maps?

No, only that any association considering adding a mapping solution to their service offering (or looking to improve one they already offer) should make the leap and implement Smart Maps. Causeis are a great team to work with.

In summary

Causeis’ Smart Maps solution has helped Christian Schools Australia overcome the limitations present in their legacy mapping solution, in turn providing both its members and those within the CSA community with more flexible and responsive mapping tool. The solution's speed and flexibility make it an asset for all of CSA’s stakeholders, especially those in the greater community of parents and teachers utilising the tool daily.

About Christian Schools Australia (CSA)

Christian Schools Australia (CSA) is a national association providing support for the delivery of Christ-centred educational excellence within Christian Schools.

Established in 2002, CSA is committed to advancing the Kingdom of God by advocating, supporting and resourcing Christian schools, and their wider school communities. CSA supports and serves member schools directly and through extensive professional development and networks.

CSA provides professional services, bespoke resources, direct assistance, information and advice to its members. They are a voice for Christian schools, advocating for their needs in the national and global environment.

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