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Online account creation can be a great value add for the online user. However, it can quickly become a nightmare for staff and your association when duplicate records start appearing. With Causeis Smart Login, you can have peace of mind that duplicates will be a thing of the past.

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Causeis Smart Login for iMIS


Redirect your online login page to the Smart Login


Account details are validated to ensure an existing account doesn’t already exist


Users are directed to login or create an account based on the validation

Value for Your Association

Reduce duplicate accounts being created by your members and customers.
Improve your customer experience by simplifying the login to your website.
Reduce the calls and emails to your association by members who can’t log into your website.
Simplify your member and non-member login to your website.

Features of Causeis Smart Login

  • Allow your staff to add custom properties to join online form to identify potential duplicates before an account is created (i.e. Email Address, or a combination of fields such as First Name, Last Name and Mobile Number).
  • Automatically send password reset email upon duplicate account being identified.
  • Automatically create account login credentials for visitors attempting to create a new account where a duplicate record already exists in your iMIS environment.
  • Smart Login provides a better user experience for resetting username and password.
  • Can customise user ID label on sign-in.

Smart Configuration Options

Smart Login works in iMIS EMS
Simple pricing for all associations
Flexible functionality to support your association
Training and video documentation provided

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