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When providing prospective members with the ability to join online, it’s inevitable that you’ll find duplicate records in your database at one point or another. With Causeis Smart Duplicates, you can flexibly define what constitutes a duplicate record for your association, and immediately take action to resolve it – either in-bulk or with individual records.

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Causeis Smart Duplicates for iMIS EMS


Driven by IQAs that you create, effectively find all duplicates present within your system with a single-click


Flexibly merge all duplicate contact records, and exclude false positives, from the ‘Manage Duplicates’ panel. For each duplicate, simply select the primary contact record you wish to keep, and which data points should be merged into it from a simple dashboard within iMIS


Smart Duplicates comes fitted with a changelog to track all merges that occur across your team, and the tools that you need to create and manage new merge rules as they’re required

Value for Your Association

Reduce duplicate accounts created by your members and customers with ease.
Flexible duplicate matching and merging rules that suit your associations ever-changing needs.
Minimise staff time required to match and merge duplicates with bulk and one-off merge tools.

Features of Causeis Smart Duplicates

  • Flexibly create dynamic rules using IQAs to find and match duplicates based on your data and business needs.
  • Merge both duplicate individual and company records.
  • Select which specific properties from either matched profiles that you wish to keep, and those you wish to discard.
  • Allowance to retroactively restore properties post-merge.
  • Ad-hoc merge tool for merging records on-the-fly provided.
  • A robust changelog showing merge history, along with a dashboard showing current duplicate count and other analytics is provided in your staff site.

Smart Configuration Options

Smart Duplicates works in iMIS EMS Enterprise
Simple pricing for all associations
Flexible functionality to support your associations’ needs
Access to ongoing improvements and updates as they’re released

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