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Member Mapping Reimagined with Causeis' Smart Maps: A Success Story with Real Estate Institute of New South Wales

Causeis has developed Smart Maps to elevate associations' value proposition by providing a modern and seamless user experience for member mapping. Smart Maps offers a new modern solution that allows your website users to easily locate and connect with members via familiar mapping experience.

Smart Maps primary function is to enable users to effortlessly locate association members that match their filter options within their search vicinity, be it individual or company members, and then present them visually utilising Google Maps. Company profiles which provide key information and contact details of those mapped comes standard with Smart Maps, also.

To learn about the effectiveness of Smart Maps and the partnership with Causeis, we spoke with Jess Donati, Membership Manager at Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW). Jess shared her experience of how Causeis provided a modern mapping solution for their members and website users with Smart Maps.

What made you choose Causeis Smart Maps?

We chose Smart Maps for several reasons, but firstly, some background.

Our ‘Find and Agent’ page has historically been the third most visited page on our website – it’s active, it’s popular, and it’s advertised prominently throughout the website.

The ‘Find an Agent’ functionality also offers a significant member benefit that we actively promote, allowing the public to easily access our members and find those best suited to their immediate needs.

Our existing mapping solution was great when we initially implemented it, but by today’s standards, it was quite dated.

It was clear that we needed a more modern solution, one that our members and the public would be familiar with.

The 'Google'-like style of Smart Maps was a significant draw, as it provided a familiar mapping experience for our website visitors.

Another attractive feature was the ability to send enquiries and share profiles through the solution, enhancing the member benefit component and enabling us to showcase the advantages to non-members.

The solution also made tracking and monitoring much easier, adding substantial value to the overall offering, something that we can actively report on for our members.

Overall, Causeis' Smart Maps solution addressed our needs comprehensively and brought a range of benefits to both our members and the public.

How has Smart Maps helped solve a problem for REINSW?

Being able to track and report on the data captured via the map, then to engage and retain via these activities was a crucial problem solved. Having these analytical tools elevates the benefits of having the member map. All in all, it helps with gaining new members and retaining existing.

Can you describe your member and end-user experience of using Smart Maps? Have you received any feedback?

It’s intuitive. It’s immediately clearer and easier to use than before. We’re already seeing great benefit and feedback from our members. Watch this space.

What features of Smart Maps do you find most valuable?

Visibility of the member profiles, their details and sharing their contact details clearly is the most valuable benefit for our members.

For the public, it’s the trust and credibility perceived from having the tool. All the information in one central location and the fact that it’s easy to use. It provides links to our member’s Domain and profiles.

For us, REINSW, it’s the growth opportunities. It’s an extensible solution. The data we’re tracking can be used to guide new member advertising campaigns and process automations. We have some amazing things planned. Watch this space.

How does this product compare to other similar products you've used in the past?

Lightyear’s ahead of what we had prior. Even small things like being able to instantly map directions to an agency with a single click offers a much more seamless experience than prior.

Would you recommend Smart Maps to other organisations? Why?

Absolutely. One hundred percent. If you want to take your find a member service or offering to the next level, you need to consider Smart Maps.

Nearly all associations should be offering find a member, particularly those that are more outward facing and dealing with the greater public. It helps to get your membership out there and in a way that not only pushes visibility, but also credibility, and an intuitive tool helps greatly with that.

Smart Maps is the solution you want.

What has it been like working with Causeis? How did you find the implementation process?

The experience is always great. The Causeis team is thorough and proactive. Even though the product is an off-the-shelf module, it’s still very flexible, more than enough to suit our needs, and again, flexible enough to be extensible looking forward.

In short, Causeis always considers our needs and how we use iMIS with every project we undertake with them, stepping us through thorough testing when validating the solution prior to going live.

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In summary

Causeis Smart Maps has helped the Real Estate Institute of NSW to overhaul their ‘Find an Agent’ offering; improving the overall experience for visitors utilising the tool on their website, and the value-add and benefits for their loyal member base. Further, the flexibility and extendibility of the solution has provided the Institute with a means to continuously improve on the value provided by the solution to members.

About Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW)

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) is the peak industry body for real estate agents and property professionals in NSW. With over 100 years of experience, REINSW is the largest and most influential association of its kind in NSW, representing thousands of agents across the state.

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