Client Success with iMIS

Electrical Trades Union Queensland & Northern Territory

The Electrical Trades Union Queensland and Northern Territory (ETU QLD & NT) went from a basic website that lacked integration to a single-platform site focused on their members experience.

ETU QLD & NT is a trade union dedicated to member advocacy, fighting for improvements in wages, standards, working conditions and safety. Members also have access to a range of complementary services such as training, legal support and insurance benefits.


The ETU QLD & NT website lacked integration across their technology platforms, impacting their reporting, responsiveness and member experience. We worked with ETU QLD & NT to redesign their digital presence, with emphasis on their Member Experience and creating an online shop for selling ETU QLD & NT merchandise.

Key features

  • Single technology platform to deliver website and association management software.
  • Use of latest HTML / CSS best practices to ensure a responsive, rich mobile experience.
  • New member portal added the capability for members to join and renew online.


  • Increased online engagement and new members joining.
  • A more personalised experience for members, while retaining in-house content management.
  • Eradicated the need for paper-based renewal processes through the online renewal campaign.

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