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National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC)

In an everchanging digital landscape, today’s association’s needs to ensure they possess a strong and adaptable online presence. 

For the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), the decision to embark on a website redesign journey was motivated by its commitment to its members to deliver value and remain relevant.  

In this success story, we'll explore the motivations behind NAWIC's decision to overhaul their digital presence, the challenges faced with their old website, the transformative experience with the Causeis team, and the positive impact of the new website on NAWIC's goals and greater community. 

Motivation for Redesign

At the heart of NAWIC's decision was a long-running dedication to enhancing its members’ experience, spoke Lauren Fahey, General Manager, “our motivation has been and will always be our members.” 

The primary goal for NAWIC, then, was to simplify access to information and resources, all while fostering meaningful engagement within the community.  

The organisation aimed to align its online presence with their core values of excellence, innovation, and progress. 

Our motivation has been and will always be our members.

Challenges with the Old Website

The existing website, although informative, presented challenges due to its outdated design and limited accessibility features.

Sluggishness and glitches were all too common on both the desktop and mobile versions which prompted NAWIC to enhance the website's responsiveness.

The outdated design was also not in sync with NAWIC's modern, inclusive organisational image.

Impact on Business and Online Presence

Ultimately, the challenges posed by the old website had a significant impact on NAWIC's business and day-to-day operations.

Prospective members, partners, and collaborators may have been deterred by a website that did not represent NAWIC as a modern, inclusive organisation committed to excellence and innovation.

The website's shortcomings raised concerns about reliability and functionality, hindering effective communication of NAWIC's mission and value delivered to stakeholders.

Collaborative Redesign Experience

“Working with the Causeis team was a smooth and well-coordinated process”, stated Lauren. “Weekly check-ins, an intuitive traffic light system, and the use of made the redesign efficient and enjoyable.”

This collaborative approach ensures transparency, with no unexpected costs.

At the end of the project, NAWIC felt well supported and heard throughout the process, contributing to a successful project completion within the designated timeframe and budget.

Exciting Features of the Redesigned Website

NAWIC expressed excitement about several new features, including the Smart Library, Smart Jobs, Smart Tables, and AccessiBe.

Speaking to Smart Tables, Lauren stated “another feature we love is the Smart Tables. We host several functions per year that require table bookings and this new feature is going to enhance the user experience, it also allows the person booking the table to fill out names and dietary requirements up to two weeks prior to the event. This will be a huge shift from the old version we had.”

This will be a huge shift from the old version we had.

These additions have greatly streamlined document management across the NAWIC website, have improved the jobs board which seldom worked as intended, enhanced event table bookings, and prioritised web accessibility for individuals with disabilities, aligning with NAWIC's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Impact on Business Goals in 2024

The enhanced functionality and inclusivity align with NAWIC's commitment to creating an inclusive environment.

user experience, it also allows the person booking the table to fill out names and dietary requirements up to two weeks prior to the event. This will be a huge shift from the old version we had.”

Positive Feedback and Metrics

Feedback from the NAWIC community to the website’s redevelopment has been positive to-date, “we've heard from committee members, board members, staff, and general members about the redesigned website, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They are happy with how it looks and find the navigation user-friendly. They also love AccessiBe as a feature.”

While specific metrics are still being collected, the positive changes since the redesign are evident.

Satisfaction with Causeis' Services

On a scale of 1 to 10, NAWIC expressed an emphatic 11 in satisfaction with the results of the website redevelopment.

The expertise of the Causeis team and the Smart Suite's development were highlighted as particularly valuable aspects of the project, “The expertise of the team at Causeis was truly commendable. The Smart Suite that has been developed is also a testament to the company and how well they know their way around iMIS. “

NAWIC enthusiastically recommends Causeis' services to others looking for website development.

The positive experience, support, training, and guidance provided by Causeis contributed to a successful project outcome.

NAWIC's website redesign journey showcases the transformative power of a well-executed digital overhaul.

The Smart Suite that has been developed is also a testament to the company and how well they know their way around iMIS

The organisation's commitment to its members and core values is now reflected in an innovative, accessible online platform, setting the stage for continued success and meaningful engagement moving forward.

In summary

Causeis has helped the National Association of Women in Construction to overhaul their iMIS RiSE website, improving the overall experience for site visitors, and by implementing the value-add functionalities present in the Causeis Smart Suite, namely, Smart Jobs, Smart Library, and Smart Tables.  

Further, the flexibility and extendibility of the website developed for NAWIC has provided the organisation with a means to effectively self-manage the solution, and to continuously improve on the value provided by the solution to members. 

To learn more about how Causeis can assist your organisation in overhauling its digital presence, contact us today. 

About National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is an Australian, not-for-profit organisation formed in 1995. 

NAWIC is led by a team of passionate employees and volunteers who all strive to help champion and empower women in the construction and related industries to reach their full potential. With Chapters in every state and territory, we are also part of a global network of NAWIC organisations, including those in the United States, New Zealand and Canada. 

NAWIC provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange information, ideas and solutions. We also offer our members an opportunity to expand personal and business networks, maintain awareness of industry developments, improve skills and knowledge and make a contribution to other women in the construction industry. 

About Causeis

Causeis is your associations digital transformation partner. 

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