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Targeted Communication

Engage your member base with one of the most effective communication tools available – all from your iMIS system.

Keeping your member communication targeted and measurable is important – so we’ve built a solution that tracks your outgoing SMS communications within the Communication Log. This ensures you can review and follow up communications.

Our team will get you started. Once set up, custom iQAs will allow you to target specific member groups for effective campaigns, or even reach out to individual members directly via SMS.

Easy and Impactful

With an average read rate of over 94%*, SMS is one of the most immediate and effective marketing channels available. When communication is time critical, SMS is a great addition to your marketing toolbox.

*Mobile Marketing Association



With SMS marketing now achievable directly from your iMIS system, it’s never been easier to engage with your members in a way that is immediate, personal and relevant.

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One more email in a crowded inbox is easy to ignore, but a clear and concise SMS can be read at a glance. When you have a message that needs some reach, SMS is unmatched for impact.



By tracking your SMS communications directly to your Communication Log in iMIS, you will be able to refer back to your messages and review campaign effectiveness.

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