We are your associations digital growth partner.

Causeis is the market leader in providing associations with digital growth consulting by leveraging from our vast experience and global technology providers.

Member experience, UX design, association growth strategies and data driven decisions drives our consulting solutions. Combined with our preferred technology partners including the global-leading software iMIS we help associations grow, transform and thrive.

Causeis provides a full suite of consulting to enable your associations digital growth and performance. Causeis is the leading Asia Pacific award-winning iMIS solution provider - explore how associations have benefited from our digital consulting.

The Causeis difference.

Our consulting approach is different. Causeis approaches technical solutions from an association and member experience level first. We believe that associations must ensure the member experience is at the forefront of all development, and secondly the associations internal operations to ensure they are lean and effective to support strategic objectives. 

Causeis is the leading and most awarded iMIS solution partner in Asia Pacific. Our team of 8 consultants based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra come with hands-on association and not-for-profit experience, so we understand your association needs and more importantly we understand your members needs. 

We actively participate in industry conferences such as AuSAE ACE (Australia), MemEx (UK), iMIS Innovations (USA), iMIS Discovery Conference (Australia) as exhibitors, keynote presenters, trainers and session presenters. Our consulting team are also striving for their own continual professional development with half-our team being Certified iMIS Administrators or Certified iMIS Professionals

We also believe in the value of training and knowledge transfer to our clients. We regularly hold educational webinars and face-to-face training summits. 

Causeis Impact Series - Join the Causeis consulting team for a free one-hour educational sessions on association strategies, iMIS and more. With so many topics there is something for your entire team.

Causeis Success Summit – The Success Summit is an exclusive hands-on iMIS training and led by Certified iMIS consultants. We are pleased to launch topics that cross multiple iMIS modules, provide association strategies while ensuring you can immediately implement new ideas.

Digital Growth Strategies

We’ll work with you in all layers of your association to formulate digital growth strategies. We specialise in member experience design, retention growth, engagement and data strategies.

Here are some of the digital growth consulting we provide: 

  • Our signature Digital Health Check and Road map 
  • Member Engagement Strategy with Scoring Analysis 
  • Membership Retention and Acquisition Strategies 
  • Member Experience and Business Process Engineering 

Technology Implementer

Partnering with global-leading technology and software providers, Causeis has a full range of solutions to meet your association digital needs. 

  • Association management software implementations with market leader iMIS Cloud
  • Member centric web design and development
  • Integration to online learning platforms
  • Online communities to grow your member engagement
  • Integration to financial accounting systems
  • Marketing automation and tailoring the member journey
  • Reporting and data analytics across various business intelligence tools 
  • Development of bespoke solutions to transform your association

Data Driven Insights

Data driven decisions is the platform to grow and transform your association. We’ll help you find opportunities, identify risk and measure your associations performance. Your data holds a wealth of knowledge we can help you explore. 

  • Segmentation and Member Lifecycle Analysis
  • Member Engagement Analysis and Behaviour 
  • Member Journey Analysis
  • Acquisition and Retention Benchmarking
  • Executive Management Reports
  • Demographic and Profiling Trends Reporting

Training & Support

With support at your finger tips, we’re here to help. We are passionate about providing your staff with tailored training and support to maximise your technology platforms.

  • Tailored and bespoke training services 
  • Full range of support options 
  • Online Learning through our Impact Series 
  • Face-to-face Training and Networking at our Summit