Developing a Member Centric Portal

Does your website provide your members with a chance to be engaged with your organisation? This session explores some creative ways of doing this with out of the box tools using real world examples.

Travis Campbell and Sam Newport


iMIS Events Set Up – Best Practice Do’s and Don’ts

Are you in charge of events for your organisation? Need a better understanding of all things iMIS including Events? This session will focus on using the Events Module in the Staff Site and will dive into the module’s capabilities

Anthony Segavac and Conrad Henley-Calvert


Dashboards to Visualise your Data

Visualise your data with Dashboards and Charts You have a dashboard in your car to tell you how it is performing - from speed, to warnings, and it is critical to your ability to drive safely. Dashboards in iMIS work the same way and can help guide yo

Michelle Lelempsis


IQAs for Beginners

Learn the beginner level ins and outs of IQA - Intelligent Query Architect, the iMIS report writer and see first hand how an IQA can help you with all of your associations reporting needs.

Conrad Henley-Calvert


Partner Spotlight: Higher Logic

The Partner Spotlight series of webinars provides an opportunity for our clients and other interested contacts to see what’s on offer in the iMIS Marketplace. We work closely with our partners to ensure any third party solution suits the needs of our



Rethink Strategies and Be Innovative: Renewal Strategies in a Changing Climate

Never in recent times have we faced the challenges that are confronting us and affecting the lives of our members. Your association can no longer rely on past strategies or campaigns to remain effective in this environment.

Michelle Lelempsis


Finance Tips and Tricks

Don't miss this opportunity to master iMIS financials. Invoicing updates, adjustments, cancellations, refunds and processing mistakes.

Conrad Henley-Calvert


Let’s Talk iMIS to prepare for the new normal

Pop-up webinar co-hosted by Michelle Lelempsis and Travis Campbell to help you navigate best practices and to ask your questions.

Michelle Lelempsis and Travis Campbell


Partner Spotlight: CSI

This webinar features Doug Morris – CEO and Founder of Computer System Innovations. CSI produce award-winning third-party software that compliment iMIS.

Doug Morris


Tasks in Process Automation Plus

Process Automation Tasks in iMIS help you stay proactive and keep on top of your organisation’s key processes by automating repetitive actions.

Ashley Hunt


Partner Spotlight: ASI

Causeis webinar featuring Advanced Solutions International (ASI) – the developers of iMIS, Senior Product Owner Jeff Spring!

Jeff Spring


Member Engagement Scoring – Starting your Journey

Causeis has developed a simple framework for understanding where to start, defining an engagement score and how to implement real operational strategies.

Michelle Lelempsis


Six Metrics your association must know to measure success

We will show you how to accurately measure these 6 metrics within iMIS from retention reporting, churn to website logins.

Michelle Lelempsis


Implementing a Data Management Strategy

This session will provide real world examples of how to use native iMIS to deliver simple ways to manage data.

Michelle Lelempsis


Keeping your iMIS environment in Tip Top Shape

To get the most out of your investment in iMIS, it is essential to perform regular maintenance tasks on your database.

Travis Campbell and Ashley Hunt


Alerts in Process Automation Plus

This webinar will take you through the process of creating customised alerts, and demonstrate the benefits this can provide for your organisation.

Ashley Hunt