Membership Analytics Suite

A highly customisable data analysis and reporting tool to ensure you get the most out of your investment in iMIS.

Membership Analytics Suite

Making the right decisions for your association requires timely, accurate information. By automatically snapshotting your member data at regular intervals, the Membership Analytics Suite provides a clear picture of movement both in overall membership and within a range of key member demographics.

The customisable dashboard collates and displays this information in easily interpreted graphics that help you to better understand your member base. Over time, this builds a detailed archive that assists in identifying trends and allows you to anticipate the needs of your members.



Reduce the need for complex and time consuming manual reporting processes with the tailored dashboard, it’s all at your fingertips.


With the right information on hand, you can provide dynamic service to your members and proactively adapt to evolving market conditions.


Review your data across specific time periods to identify trends, understand changes in your member base and evaluate campaign success.

Your Data - Your Way

In a living system, data is being updated and overwritten on a daily basis. This can make it challenging to maintain a clear picture of your membership’s trends and growth patterns. By logging key metrics at regular intervals, you can pinpoint specific time periods in your membership and compare current and historical data.

A key strength of Membership Analytics Suite is its flexibility. We take the time to understand your organisation, and work with you to identify key metrics that will provide meaningful results.

We then customise your iMIS dashboard to represent the information you need in simple visual formats, making it easy to view and interpret changes in member numbers and demographics.

Key Benefits

Measure. Analyse. Grow. - With Membership Analytics Suite, you have the tools to measure the member data most important to you, and track your performance over time. Most importantly, you will be equipped with the information to plan for the future, supporting your ongoing growth and success.

Retain Historical Data

Reduce Custom Reporting

Identify Membership Trends

Tailored iMIS Dashboards

100% Automated Reports

No Annual Maintenance Fees

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