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iMIS 2017 New Features and Enhancements

We are excited to announce the availability of the iMIS 20 2017 release, the fifth major release of iMIS 20 since its launch in May of 2013. This new release continues to build upon and enhance the iMIS 20 Engagement Management System (EMS), RiSE web development platform, and Continuum business intelligence features to help clients better engage with constituents and realise continuous performance improvement.

Or call us on 1300 CAUSEIS (1300 228 734)

Determine member engagement with Scoring statistics NEW

The iMIS 2017 release is excited to announce Scoring calculations and statistics. iMIS Scoring is a way for you to statistically display a member or donor's overall "score" with your organization. The criteria that define these score calculations are compiled using IQA queries. Out-of-the-box, you are provided score formulas that calculate overall engagement for individuals and organizations.

Over 100 pre-built SSRS reports, queries, and dashboards added to the Staff site NEW

For the iMIS 2017 release, we have added over 100 pre-built SSRS reports, queries, and dashboards that are ready for you to begin using. Several of the new reports might be familiar to you because they are existing Crystal reports in the iMIS Desktop. These reports have been reimagined and elevated into SSRS reports that are fully functional in the iMIS Staff site.

Strengthened PCI security enhancements throughout iMIS NEW

In an effort to maintain PCI compliance and strengthen overall security in iMIS, several security related updates were implemented in this release. Associated changes relate to passwords, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and credit card retention and storage.

Desktop functionality migrated to the web NEW

In an ongoing effort to migrate Desktop functionality to the Staff site, many different business processes that were previously available in the Desktop only, are now available on the Staff site. Each of the below drop-downs define what was added, and link off to more information about where the new Staff-site location can be found.