A customised tool to help you understand, analyse and more effectively target your members - created specifically for the needs of associations.

What Makes Your Members Tick?

As both iMIS specialists and association consultants, the team at Causeis understands that member engagement cannot be measured the same way across different organisations. Our tailored approach starts with a collaborative workshop to establish the most meaningful data and measures of success for your organisation and member base. We present these metrics in a custom dashboard and assist you with interpreting the results and developing strategies to responsively target different member segments.

Tailored Scoring

Our special approach delivers an engagement score tailored to your organisation, based on the measures that are the most meaningful to you.

The result is a better understanding of your members, and a clearer path to delivering what they need.


Based on the data that matters most to you, we work with you to establish a scoring system that tracks the engagement level of individual members, member segments and demographics.


Key metrics will be displayed graphically in a tailored dashboard, allowing you to keep track of your most significant member data and view daily movements at a glance.


Once you have the numbers, we draw on our expertise in association consulting to help you develop operational strategies that address the challenges and opportunities identified by the data.

How It Works

We start at the beginning - with the question or challenge you are facing. You might have a member retention issue, or perhaps your events aren’t getting the traction you’d like to see. We work with you to define what you need to get out of the data, and the metrics that determine member engagement for your organisation.

Useful results rely on data integrity, so we analyse your system to ensure that the data to support your engagement measures is being appropriately tracked. Where key data is not being captured, our team will assist to implement this so that it can be built into your score.

The customised suite of dashboards we develop for you will display key aspects of your member engagement score graphically, providing the information you need to track performance and identify where you have work to do.

Built into our solution is a segmentation system, which will allow you to look more closely at your market segments and member demographics and target your approach in response. This segmentation tool can be used to search member groups across a variety of customised criteria (for example, to find all members who have attended an event in the past 6 months, or who are due for renewal and have not logged into the website). This assists in the development of more tailored communication to build engagement and retention.

Key Outcomes

An engaged member base supports a thriving association. When we can identify which members and segments don’t participate, don’t attend and don’t renew, and more importantly why, then we have the tools to help you turn those trends around and support a passionate member community.

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