Information about the Conference

The 2019 Discovery Conference is being held in Adelaide at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 18th – 20th September, and will include presentations, power sessions and workshops from a variety of iMIS experts.

The conference is a fantastic opportunity to increase your iMIS skill levels, network with other iMIS users and ask the experts any questions you might have.

Adelaide Convention Centre
North Terrace
SA 5000

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Certified iMIS Administrator Bootcamp
ASI will be offering a limited number of places to attendees interested in becoming iMIS Certified. 
This is in addition to the conference and must be booked when completing your conference booking. 
The cost for this course is $995 including the followup knowledge assessment taken after the conference. 
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Social Day
For the first time ever, NiUG is pleased to offer an optional social day for attendees to explore the beautiful Barossa Valley. 
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The program for the three days can be found Here.

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Causeis Sessions at the Conference

iMIS in a day! For new users and managers to get a 360’ training across iMIS.
Michelle Lelempsis, CiP, Director (Host) with Ash Hunt, CiA, Solutions Consultant - Causeis

Are you a new iMIS user, manager or simply wanting to learn the full capabilities of iMIS? Join us in this training session “iMIS in a day” where you will have access to learn the full suite of iMIS functionality, features and understand the purpose of the core modules of iMIS. We will also throw in some break-away sessions for discussing the conference agenda and networking with other delegates! By participating in this training you will leave having covered the following topics and learning objectives;

  1. Learn the fundamentals of iMIS Staff Sites adding new records, updating existing and understanding what data is available
  2. Explore the iMIS Dashboards to see how your association is performing
  3. Running and creating a new report on your member or donor data with the inbuilt iMIS reporting tool – iQA
  4. Understanding the financials of iMIS – batching, reports and managing your General Ledger account codes
  5. Adding and creating new staff users
  6. Navigating events and registering delegates to an event
  7. Creating a new email template and using to send to a group or individual record
  8. Ordering a merchandise product for a customer
  9. Updating your membership pricing, and processing a membership billing
  10. Oh no – I need help! With resources available from NiUG and ASI where should you go to get help

Session Type: Training Day
Difficulty: Beginners
When: Wednesday - 18/09/2019 - 10:00AM-1:00PM & 1:45-4:45PM

Advanced Process Automation - Using alerts to personalise your member experience
Ash Hunt, CiA, Solutions Consultant - Causeis

Process Automation Alerts help you stay proactive and keep on top of your organisation’s key processes. Using separate alerts for staff and members, you can ensure nothing slips through the net and your data is well maintained. This session will take you through the process of creating customised alerts, and demonstrate the benefits this can provide for your organisation using a range of real-world examples.

Session Type: Presentation
Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced
When: Thursday - 19/09/2019 - 3:45-4:45PM

Member Engagement Scoring – Starting your Journey!
Michelle Lelempsis, CiP, Director - Causeis

Thinking about engagement scoring? This session will explore the scope as well as implementation strategies for beginning the journey of measuring the engagement of your members. This session will provide you with a practical framework for implemented engagement scoring for your organisation.

Session Type: Workshop
Difficulty: All
When: Friday - 20/09/2019 - 11:00am-12:30PM

Personalising the Member Journey 
Paul Ramsbottom, Managing Director - ASI Asia Pacific
Michelle Lelempsis, CiP, Director - Causeis

With more information at your finger tips than ever before how are you harnessing this information and leveraging the power of iMIS to personalise the Member Journey. Join Paul and Michelle as they bring together the two-days of conference topics into one session. Through engagement scoring, Process Automation Plus, personalisation, targeted content, pricing rules and more let’s explore how you can take your members’ experience to the next level. Come along to share and workshop through case studies and new ways to drive your retention and growth. 

Session Type: Plenary
Difficulty: All
When: Friday - 20/09/2019 - 2:15-3:15PM