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iMIS 2017 Hotfix G: Things you need to know

By Jesse Halliday
Technical Web Analyst

The iMIS 2017 Service Pack G that was released on 6th December, has been found to no longer create financial activities in the database. We do not recommend that you install either Service Pack F or G. If you are on a service pack prior to Service Pack E or using an EA Release of iMIS 2017, we do recommend that you install iMIS 2017 GA with Service Pack E.

Please contact us if you require access to Service Pack E or if you would like to discuss any potential issues with applying service packs.

It has been discovered that iMIS 2017, Service Pack F, has caused a breakdown of certain financial activity being written to iMIS Desktop/AAC, namely Gift, Pledge, Order, Refund, CM and DM activity types. When Orders, Gifts, Pledges and Refunds are entered in iMIS Desktop, or adjusting entries are applied to existing Gifts, Pledges and Orders, the corresponding Activity Type is not currently being created. As this was discovered after Service Pack G was issued, it is also an issue in Service Pack G. This is of the highest priority and a fix is currently underway for a Service Pack.

Your iMIS servers are required to have an SSL binding as of iMIS 20 2017, for PCI Compliance and overall security purposes. The default websites are required to have an SSL binding as well. This means you need to purchase a SSL Certificate (https) certificate for your domain. If you are looking for a cheap SSL Certificate then we recommend checking out this website (https://www.ssltrust.com.au/)

If you are looking at upgrading to the new version of iMIS soon, please ensure that you test this upgrade in your test or development environment first. There have been a number or reported issues after upgrading, around getting iMIS Desktop working. Don’t forget when upgrading to always have backups of your database and servers in case you need to roll back everything after an upgrade.