Are You Renewal Ready?

We wanted to share our tips and advice for being renewal ready. Your associations renewal campaign cannot be left up to chance and in-fact last year’s strategy may need further refinement.

Michelle Lelempsis


Google Ads - How can they Benefit your Association

Google provides paid advertising called Google Ads. Google ads have become one of the most cost-effective and far-reaching methods of promoting businesses online.

Anthony Segavac


Cash, accrual, deferred: what does it all mean?

iMIS uses double entry bookkeeping to record transactions. Every transaction entered in iMIS contains at least two lines

Conrad Henley-Calvert


Event Set up - Getting the Foundations Right for Successful Event Management

When business processes are tedious, inefficient and repetitive you end up with frustrated staff, poorly run events, unhappy members and customers and lost revenue!

Kathleen Latchford


Beginners Guide to SEO for your RiSE Website

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising the number of visitors to your website by increasing where the site appears on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Anthony Segavac


Our top takeaways from the 2019 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

Every year at Causeis we read, dissect and interpret the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report to help our clients maximise the key learnings within their own association.

Michelle Lelempsis


The Factor of Time to Improving Your Member Experience

In discussion with various associations, one theme that resonated was the discussion of time, both in respect to servicing members and the limited time members have to truly engage with their association.

Michelle Lelempsis


Security is more than just HTTPS

Following several high-profile online security breaches involving major corporations and government entities, the digital world is increasingly focused on security and PCI compliance.

Ash Hunt


Business Process Review – Process Automation Opportunities

What is iMIS process automation? Process automation is a (often underutilised!) feature of iMIS that enables you to improve member engagement and staff productivity by automating repetitive tasks and processes.

Kathleen Latchford


Collier Foundation Launches New iMIS Powered Grant Application System

The Collier Charitable Fund is a perpetual charitable trust that was established in 1954 by Alice, Annette and Edith Collier, three Melbourne sisters, as a way to continue, in perpetuity, their lifelong practice of generous support.

Michelle Lelempsis


Wounds Australia launches new website powered by iMIS RiSE

Wounds Australia identified the need to improve their website experience and online exposure earlier this year. With their overarching objectives to improve their online presence, usability and establish a seamless...

Michelle Lelempsis


Managing Your Website With RiSE – Tips Tricks And Ideas

By now everyone has had some involvement with RiSE whether it’s with staff sites or if you use to it manage your website. We’ve also heard of the wonderful building blocks like iParts, panel editors, data showca...

Sam Newport


NIUG Asia Pacific Wins ASI Great Things Award Case Study

NiUG Asia Pacific recognised the need in late 2017 to implement their own iMIS 2017 environment to provide an improved Member experience. NiUG Asia Pacific selected Causeis to be their technology partner to...

Michelle Lelempsis


Is managing CPD for your members giving you a headache?

Many organisations require their members to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and rely on iMIS to manage this for events run internally. But what about external events that members wish to have...

Travis Campbell


ASI release Global Benchmark Report on Membership Performance

Causeis welcomes the ASI 2018 Global Benchmark Report on Membership Performance. The survey was conducted in the latter part of 2017 and includes responses from 425 association and membership...

Michelle Lelempsis


Have You Renewed Your Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate?

On October 31, 2017, DigiCert, Inc. officially acquired Symantec Corporation’s Certificate Authority business, which includes all assets related to Symantec’s website security, SSL/TLS and PKI products. As the first phase of...

Travis Campbell


Privacy Changes – Have you prepared?

Along with welcoming a new year, we also welcome two major changes to privacy legislation, both here an overseas that can potentially have dramatic impact on Australian businesses.

Travis Campbell


Are You Ready for Your Renewal Billing Run?

Running renewals does not have to be a "cross the fingers and toes and hope that everything works" moment! It is easy with iMIS and iQA reports to take control of your renewal process.

Michelle Lelempsis


How do you track your key contacts?

Does your organisation have Company Members? How do you track the key contacts of these members? Did you know iMIS can be extended to track these contacts and allow you to communicate effectively?

Travis Campbell


Subverting Brute Force Attacks on your iMIS Web Server

ASI have recently announced that a number of clients are seeing a degradation of their web servers due to Brute Force attacks, with log entries showing that the perpetrators were attempting to load a WordPress...

Travis Campbell


iQA Filtering Tips

iQAs are an extermely important part of iMIS, with many users getting more and more comfortable in their use. But have you ever wanted to search for more than one word in the same field of an IQA filter?

Travis Campbell


Tips and Tricks for Accessing iMIS Support Channels

There are so many incredible sources of accessing and requesting help for your iMIS question or problem. Support within the iMIS community includes; the NiUG Listserve for members which brings together...

Michelle Lelempsis


iMIS Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Have a spare hour or two or is it raining outside so you have some time to spend on iMIS instead? There are many things you can do to tune iMIS with an hour, or just a few hours, of time.

John Lelempsis


Doing Wildcard Search in Intelligent Query Architect (IQA)

Have you ever come across an IQA query that doesn’t give the expected results when you use wildcard filters? Here is why…

Kokila Palaniappan