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Overview of the iMIS EMS Enterprise Success Program

iMIS EMS Enterprise offers some great advantages, but we appreciate that a change this big can seem daunting. The new iMIS EMS Enterprise Success Program by Causeis is a proven framework developed to support your organisation’s transition to the Cloud. We work with you to plan your journey, undertake a readiness evaluation, prepare for change and learn new functionality, while our experienced consultants manage the technical aspects of your migration to iMIS EMS Enterprise.

iMIS EMS Enterprise is the final upgrade your association will need to do.

We support your success by approaching the transition from all angles. Your move to the Cloud should be much more than a technical upgrade – we want to ensure you get the most out of the functionality and features iMIS EMS Enterprise offers, enhancing your member and staff experience. The iMIS EMS Enterprise Success Program by Causeis creates a focus across specific areas including your association’s readiness and preparedness, migration and continuous performance improvement.

About Causeis

Causeis is Asia Pacific’s most trusted Authorised iMIS Solutions Provider, supporting 45+ associations here in Australia and overseas with their iMIS and digital environments. The Causeis consulting team has over 75 years’ combined experience and provides an award-winning iMIS consultancy service to Australia's leading non-profits.

Our team of consulting and digital experts will guide each element of your association’s transition to iMIS EMS Enterprise. Drawing on experience with multiple iMIS EMS Enterprise implementations, migrations and upgrades, we have the right expertise to support and guide your organisation’s change process.

Turn to Causeis to ensure your smooth and successful transition to iMIS EMS Enterprise.

The Power of iMIS EMS Enterprise

iMIS EMS Enterprise is the next step in integrated management solutions for your association.

iMIS EMS Enterprise integrates the essential utilities for managing every aspect of your association, all in one place. You’ll have access to everything from membership management to finance, events to e-commerce, from wherever you are. Bringing the key functions for your association into the cloud delivers a range of benefits, offering the flexibility needed in modern workplaces without compromising data security.

Key benefits:
  • Cloud-based platform supports flexible and remote working arrangements
  • No need to manage your own software updates
  • Security is assured through leading global cloud computing platform; Microsoft Azure
  • A web-based API allows for integrations and bridges to your favourite third-party applications.
  • Software-as-a-Service model, offering continued product enhancements and improvements without complex and costly upgrades
  • Take confidence from a fully secure and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant platform.

Why iMIS EMS Enterprise should be the next step for your association

What is iMIS EMS Enterprise? iMIS EMS Enterprise is a true cloud software that will reduce costly integrations and SQL development while allowing your environment to be managed within the Microsoft Azure platform. At Causeis, our consulting ethos is about developing sustainable solutions for our clients, and we are excited about the release of iMIS EMS Enterprise which is truly the next level of this evolution. We are confident that iMIS EMS Enterprise is the right step for your association.

Historically, iMIS users have had access to the database and application level of the program – this means that over time, you may have had customisations developed to meet specific business needs. Customisation through the “back-end” database of iMIS will no longer be possible. This is to ensure future versions and cloud solutions can be updated with ease.

There is no cause for alarm though – iMIS EMS Enterprise is still highly configurable and can integrate with a number of other systems and applications to meet your organisation’s requirements. Technology has changed substantially in the past decade and iMIS EMS Enterprise has the tools to meet your needs. Causeis will work with your association to identify and transfer any customisatons and integrations into iMIS EMS Enterprise.

How Causeis will ensure your success

Change can be hard. The iMIS EMS Enterprise Success Program by Causeis was developed to take the uncertainty out of the process, to support your business, staff and members, and to help you get the most out of iMIS EMS Enterprise. Every step of the way uses our best practice consulting methodology and solution design.

Part 1 Assessment:

The assessment phase is the most important phase of your roadmap to iMIS EMS Enterprise and will ensure we have a clear picture of the state of your environment. The assessment will compare your environment against the Cloud database to identify any configuration, customisations or integrations that may not be Cloud-friendly and we will provide you with a written analysis and recommendations on your full system. This Audit report will form the basis for identifying your roadmap and the steps required to move to iMIS EMS Enterprise.

Timeframe goal: 2 - 3 weeks 

Part 2 Readiness:

The Readiness phase formulates a roadmap for your association’s transition to the Cloud. This may include upgrading to iMIS 2020 Advance, or straight to iMIS EMS Enterprise – the approach that is right for you will be based on the degree of customisation needing to be transferred to the Cloud environment. Causeis will guide and support your roadmap to help you make the right decision for your organisation. To commence the staff experience journey, a tailored learning plan with your iMIS Learning Subscription will be showcased and implemented with your team.

Timeframe goal: 2 - 3 weeks 

Part 3 Migration:

This is where all your preparation and hard work starts to shine! Causeis will coordinate the transition of your iMIS environment with ASI Cloud Services. Firstly, we will strip down the customisations and provide your up-to-date database to ASI for upgrade. With a new development environment at your fingertips, you will be able to begin testing your association’s processes, take advantage of your new training and really experience iMIS EMS Enterprise. To help with your testing plans, Causeis will provide your association with a testing framework.

Timeframe goal: 6 - 8 weeks 

Part 4 Lift-off and Continuous Improvement:

Once you have tested your new iMIS EMS Enterprise environment and finalised your custom configuration requirements, your iMIS EMS Enterprise Go-Live will be scheduled. This is the exciting part where Causeis will lift your environment, implement any go-live configuration and then complete the final shift to the ASI Cloud Services. Once your iMIS EMS Enterprise upgrade is complete, Causeis will be available to support you in any technical changes your website and staff may need. Part of your lift-off phase is to equip you with the ongoing tools and support to continue your association’s growth through our post-live support, check-in and exclusive 12-month access to our Digital Academy.

* You will be required to have an active iMIS Learning Subscription with ASI to ensure access to all proposed training.

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