Learning Management Software

Higher Logic


Upgrade member engagement with learning

For associations, getting mindshare, attracting new members, and retaining current members is more challenging today than ever before. With D2L, you can deliver learning that will help you drive greater member engagement, scale your training programmes, and increase revenue for your organisation.


learningSYNC gives your membership best-in-class learning opportunities

That means that your members stay engaged, which increases renewals, and happy and satisfied members give you something money can’t buy: Word-of-mouth new member referrals..

LMS - TopClass

Works with Your Association Software

TopClass LMS integrates directly with iMIS and a variety of other software solutions used by associations to manage learner profiles, webinars and virtual learning, online communities, payments, and more. WBT Systems' in-house experts develop and maintain TopClass LMS integrations to ensure a seamless experience and share data to increase engagement, retention, and revenue.