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Association of Accounting Technicians

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Australia is the longest standing association for bookkeepers in the country. AAT boast a proud tradition of supporting bookkeepers and accounting technicians and from 1 July 2020 are part of the IPA Group. AAT Australia was one of the first professional associations recognised by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) as a BAS Agent association under the Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009 (TASR), being admitted on the 5th May 2010.

AAT Australia’s commitment to excellence includes ongoing business development support for practitioners and new entrants to the industry, with close ties to a range of industry parties supporting the needs of technicians in Australia.

Rochelle Park, Chief Executive Officer of AAT, shares her experience on why Causeis was the right partner for them to navigate through a variety of challenges.

The time for change was more crucial than ever.

“Over the last three years AAT have been in search of a holistic solution to their business needs in iMIS. In January 2019 I had inherited iMIS and began searching for a consultant who would be able to uncover the total picture for us and provide a solution that will tackle our current systemic issues.”

“Our iMIS was in a dark room, we didn’t know where the light switch was and for so long, we would try and solve little issues here and there. We were trying to find a consultant who show us the way to the light switch and uncover the bigger picture.”

Why the right partner with the right experience made all the difference.

“Then we came across Causeis, and they walked straight in and turned the light on.”

“The team at Causeis are honest, confident in their knowledge of iMIS and their understanding of our business requirements, they told us exactly where and how to start so that we can begin streamlining and bringing in more efficiency to our association. Causeis were extremely professional in all aspects.”

Setting a path for revival … together.

“Our number one project was an overhaul of our annual membership renewals process. For the three years prior, we had tried time and time again tried to simplify this process and train our staff.”

“Causeis has restructured our renewals, provided full training to our staff, and given us the tools and confidence to do exactly this and we could not be happier.”

Not just a supplier but a partner with a common goal.

“Throughout our time working with Causeis we have had absolute confidence in the solutions provided and the process to achieve those solutions. As we are a smaller association Causeis have been very empathetic in assisting us with options to keep within our budgets, have never shown judgement and never made us sacrifice quality for price.”

Because we understand why change is important.

“Since completing our projects, we have saved $13,000 a year alone on our technology set up. Causeis has helped us navigate into smarter options on our other costs as well and our processes and workflows in house have created efficiency and a better experience overall.”

“Our biggest regret is that we did not find Causeis earlier!”

- Rochelle Park
Chief Executive Officer, AAT

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