Digital Health Check

Through our signature Health Check and Roadmap align your associations strategy with your digital roadmap.

Your Digital Roadmap to Performance

Align your associations technology with your broader objectives to deliver growth and member satisfaction.

Causeis provides associations with strategic consulting services to optimise membership business processes, iMIS configuration, and industry best practice, enhancing overall business performance.

Our signature Digital Health Check and Roadmap was developed to provide specialised consulting across iMIS and association strategies. This staged process examines your organisational goals and current approaches, thoroughly reviews your association technology configuration and business processes, and delivers recommendations for improvement.


We collaborate with you to understand your key drivers, association goals and member experience, and establish your vision for digital success.


A thorough review of both your iMIS environment and your association processes is undertaken to identify opportunities for improvement.


Thorough reporting and clear recommendations are provided in a Digital Roadmap to target efficiencies, greater alignment of goals and deliver growth.

Our Approach

This staged process examines your organisational goals and current approaches, reviews your iMIS configuration and business processes, and delivers recommendations for improvement, based on the way you use iMIS and your key organisational objectives.

1. Workshop

The initial phase of the project involves a collaborative workshop for key stakeholders, to communicate your vision, establish key organisational objectives and provide an overview of your member base and current systems and processes.

2. iMIS Environment Audit

With an emphasis on the areas highlighted by the workshop, an audit of your iMIS environment will be carried out to identify opportunities for improvement.

3. Business Process Review

An examination of key business procedures is undertaken, with the aim of enhancing your member experience and business efficiency. This process will include interviews with key personnel, procedural reviews and the use of member personas to evaluate aspects of the member experience.

4. Audit Report & Recommendations

A detailed audit report will be provided on the current iMIS environment, along with detailed findings and actionable recommendations to improve the membership business processes and experience.

5. iMIS Roadmap & Business Strategy Alignment

An iMIS Roadmap will be presented, including recommendations from the iMIS Health Check, Business Strategy alignment, engagement scoring reports and any member analytics. This will focus particularly on identifying recommendations that can be actioned internally with existing resources.

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