The Factor of Time to Improving Your Member Experience

Michelle Lelempsis
May 23, 2019

Recently I attended the AUSAE Executive Briefings facilitated by ASI, the developers of iMIS, which focused on Using Technology to Improve your Member Journey. In discussion with various associations, one theme that resonated was the discussion of time, both in respect to servicing members and the limited time members have to truly engage with their association.

This intrigued me, because at Causeis, we constantly discuss the Factor of Time with our clients when it comes to improving the Member Experience not just in a technology setting but how members engage with your entire association.

Let's look at core member journey transactions, can you apply a Gone in 60 seconds rule to your member application or renewal process. For a moment, step into the shoes of your member and see if you can complete either of those critical processes within 60 seconds? If not, it is imperative to simplify and declutter the process as the process is a potential barrier. Your prospects and member have less time than ever before. If your process is too long or difficult they will give-up or delay paying you!

Simple methods to reduce the time to join or renew are introducing new payment methods such as automatic monthly and BPay. If you consider the renewal process as simply a means of paying a bill and not an entire data validation process you can improve your members speed to renew, increase the percentage of members renewing on time and simplifying the entire process. Data validation is something that you can run outside of the renewals campaign.

For your Join processes, do you allow members to join across different mediums? Review all of the data collection that you are asking prospects to identify if you really need it. A simplified form with a critical data set is far more effective than a long form or wizard that asks for redundant information. Post joining, you can use your online Member Portal to act as a means of collecting the "nice to have" information after they have joined.

What about those that want to call you? Most associations run traditional hours of operation between 9 until 5pm. We encourage associations to consider during peak times to consider extended hours to aid your members ability to contact you or even consider opening on a Saturday.

With less time on your members hands, you have to adapt and change to simplify how they transact with you. Reduce the barrier of time and test your core processes to see if there are ways that you can reduce them to be completed within 60 seconds. Causeis has worked with over 30 leading Associations to improve their Member journey and improve their performance. If you have a success story we’d love to hear what has worked in your association.

About Causeis: With over 50+ years combined experience, Causeis provides an award-winning iMIS consultancy service to Australia’s leading non-profits. We specialise in business strategy alignment, engagement modelling, critical system management, website development and data analytics. To find out more about our services and what we offer, click here.

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