Wounds Australia identified the need to improve their website experience and online exposure earlier this year. With their overarching objectives to improve their online presence, usability and establish a seamless membership experience with their community of over 8,000.

Not only did Wounds Australia select Causeis as their website partner, but they also choose iMIS RiSE to power their new website. The website solution consisted of a seamlessly integrated Engagement Management System (EMS) website with iMIS RiSE from ASI. This is an industry ‘best practice’ solution that eliminates disparate databases and multiple systems that would otherwise require costly integration and maintenance efforts.

Together with Wounds Australia, Causeis developed the new website wireframes, styles, information architecture, user experience to develop an improved member-centric site. The new website provides the Wounds Australia community with the ability to access industry information, register for events, update and renew their membership.

Having launched their new iMIS RiSE website in October 2018. Wounds Australia have empowered their staff with the ability to directly manage their online content, significantly improving their speed-to-market and increasing their online presence and overall usability. Wounds Australia have introduced a comprehensive member portal that gives members the ability to access a myriad of self-service benefits including;

  • Online join for new members with incentivised promotions
  • Online renewals
  • Access to self-service receipts and tax invoices
  • Ability to members to easily access and download their CPD Certificates
  • Register to any one of their numerous events run each year
  • Responsive design for all member self-service and browsing

About Wounds Australia: Wounds Australia is the peak body for wound care and management in Australia through advocacy, education and research. Wounds Australia was established in 2015 following the nationalisation of the Australian Wound Management Association national and state and territory associations.


About Causeis: With over 50+ years combined experience, Causeis provides an award-winning iMIS consultancy service to Australia’s leading non-profits. We specialise in business strategy alignment, engagement modelling, critical system management, website development and data analytics.

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