Tips and Tricks for Accessing iMIS Support Channels

Michelle Lelempsis
February 15, 2018

There are so many incredible sources of accessing and requesting help for your iMIS question or problem.

Support within the iMIS community includes; the NiUG Listserve for members which brings together the power of the iMIS Community across users, members and partners, and provides a wealth of information to everyone, or ASI Technical Support and of course Causeis support for clients. 

We want to share some ideas on how you might be able to improve the responses you receive through the way you might ask for help. 

  • Add your iMIS version - with iMIS evolving so rapidly there are differences between functionality and processes between versions. If you aren't sure where to get your version number just access via

iMIS Desktop >> Help >> About
iMIS Staff Site >> Settings >> About iMIS 

  • Screenshot - Where possible, try to include a screenshot into your query. This is super helpful on error messages, the location of functionality. A wise user suggested Jing by Techsmith to me and it is a brilliant free tool for screenshotting! You can even use this for recording short videos.
  • Location or area - Sometimes there are different ways to do the same thing in iMIS, i.e Desktop or Staff Site, Service Central vs AR/Cash. It can be helpful to include where you experiencing the issue or what location the question relates too 
  • Standard or tailored functionality - I guess we would all assume that the question being asked would relate to standard iMIS functionality, but if not, perhaps mention.
  • ASI Helpsite - If you haven't already you need to bookmark the iMIS Helpsite via If you have found some documentation on here that you're referencing maybe just pop in the URL (as again with changes to iMIS the version/documentation) is also slightly different. 

We hope these tips and queries help you access your answers through the various support channels that exist in the iMIS Community. 

About Causeis: With over 50+ years combined experience, Causeis provides an award-winning iMIS consultancy service to Australia’s leading non-profits. We specialise in business strategy alignment, engagement modelling, critical system management, website development and data analytics.

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