Is managing CPD for your members giving you a headache?

Travis Campbell
July 30, 2018

Many organisations require their members to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and rely on iMIS to manage this for events run internally. But what about external events that members wish to have recognised for inclusion in their CPD record?

We have seen a variety of different methods of handling this and the majority of them are just plain hard work for the relevant staff! Why not put the onus onto the member? We have developed a variety of different methods of allowing members to self-manage their CPD record for a number of different clients, including:

  1. Online forms for submitting external CPD recognition requests, with an approval process that keeps the member informed during the entire process.
  2. Automated inclusion of approved external CPD recognition requests into the member’s CPD activities.
  3. Self-Serve CPD portal providing members with the opportunity to:
    - See a progress indicator of CPD points for the current period
    - Download an official transcript of CPD activities within a given date range
    - Download a certificate of completion once the members reach the required points
    - Monitor CPD activities (internal and external)
    - See the progress of their external CPD recognition requests
  4. Automated “Audit” activities at the end of the CPD period showing whether or not the member has met their CPD requirements for that period.
  5. Automated emails reminding members of their obligations and showing their progress, with links to upcoming events.
  6. Dashboards showing CPD status across the membership cohort

The points above remove a lot of the manual handling we have seen clients do to manage their CPD programs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can make things easier for you!

About Causeis: With over 50+ years combined experience, Causeis provides an award-winning iMIS consultancy service to Australia’s leading non-profits. We specialise in business strategy alignment, engagement modelling, critical system management, website development and data analytics.

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