How do you track your key contacts?

Travis Campbell
March 20, 2018

Does your organisation have Company Members? How do you track the key contacts of these members? Did you know iMIS can be extended to track these contacts and allow you to communicate effectively?

IMIS features an optional module called “Relationships”. This module allows you to link one or more contacts with other contacts. Traditionally this was designed to show family relationships between members, however Causeis has worked with clients to harness this module for other uses. 

Have you ever wanted to send an email to all CEOs? This module allows you to do this by tracking roles within company members. These can then be used by the communications suite to send emails to relationship types. The relationship shows the start and end date so you can see a historical view of these contacts. 

Causeis has worked with clients to implement dashboards showing the integrity of these relationships and providing a simple method for showing where more data collection is required. This dashboard also provides an easy way of communicating with each relationship type. 

Creating relationships couldn’t be easier with a simplified method of joining two or more contacts together. Causeis has developed a simplified version of the relationship management interface making it easy to maintain these links. 

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