Introducing the Causeis Impact Series

Join the Causeis consulting team for a free one-hour educational sessions on association strategies, iMIS and more. With so many topics there is something for your entire team. Simply register via the link below and join us on the day.

If you are interested in a specific topic, let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

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Member Engagement Scoring – Starting your Journey! 

Join us for a webinar on how to start your Member Engagement Scoring journey – as an experienced membership strategist Causeis has developed a simple framework for understanding where to start, defining an engagement score and how to implement real operational strategies for performance improvement. In this free one-hour webinar you will

  1. You will learn a practical framework for implementing engagement scoring for your organisation
  2. You will learn best practice methods for auditing, identifying and tracking your member benefits and services
  3. Discover ways that other associations have benefited from implementing engagement scoring to improve the member experience and grow retention

Presenter: Michelle Lelempsis, Director

Date: Thursday, 27th June at 10am


Alerts in Process Automation Plus (Webinar)

Process Automation Alerts in iMIS help you stay proactive and keep on top of your organisation’s key processes. Using separate alerts for staff and members, you can ensure nothing slips through the net and your data is well maintained. This webinar will take you through the process of creating customised alerts, and demonstrate the benefits this can provide for your organisation using a range of real-world examples.

Presenter: Ashley Hunt, Solutions Consultant

Date: Tuesday 9th July 2019


Defining a Membership Renewal Strategy to Increase Retention

Discover how to reinvent your Renewal Strategy and Process with this session. You will learn how to utilise all components of iMIS to track, report, manage and better communicate your renewal message. We will help you increase your retention rate by adopting some of these tips.

Presenter: Michelle Lelempsis, Director

Date: Tuesday 6th August 2019


Keeping your iMIS Environment in Tip Top Shape

To get the most out of your investment in iMIS, it is essential to perform regular maintenance tasks on your database. This session will guide you on the best practices for monthly maintenance tasks both within iMIS and in your SQL server. Learn how tasks such as closing of events, credit invoices, managing expired members, as well as some handy SQL maintenance scripts and stored procedures.

Presenter: Travis Campbell, Consulting Manager and Ashley Hunt, Solutions Consultant

Date: Tuesday 27th August 2019


Implementing a Data Management Strategy for your Association

Why is data management important? This session will provide real world examples of how to use native iMIS to deliver simple ways to manage data. By identifying, resolving and managing your associations data will ensure you are maximising your members engagement opportunities, revenue opportunities and improve your reporting opportunities. 

Presenter: Michelle Lelempsis, Director

Date: Tuesday 10th September 2019


Tips and Tricks to Improve your Member Experience with a RiSE Website

Does your website provide your members with a chance to be engaged with your organisation? What if you could present information to them that was relevant to their membership journey with your association? This session explores some creative ways of doing this with out of the box tools using real world examples.

Presenter: Travis Campbell, Consulting Manager and Sam Newport, Digital Content Coordinator

Date: Tuesday 24th September 2019


Implementing Association Improvement for Real Growth and Success

Join us as we showcase practical methods of implementing across Recruit, Engage, Grow and Retain from the ASI Implementing Performance Improvement. Achieve so much more from your iMIS environment that will directly provide your organisation with measurable growth.

Presenter: Michelle Lelempsis, Director

Date: Tuesday 8th October 2019



Six Metrics your Association must know to Measure Success!

Join us to learn the top 6 metrics that your association should be measuring to identify your success. We will show you how to accurately measure these 6 metrics within iMIS from retention reporting, churn to website logins. 

Presenter: Michelle Lelempsis, Director

Date: Tuesday 29th October 2019


iMIS Events Set Up – Best Practice Do’s and Don’ts

Are you in charge of events for your organisation? Need a better understanding of all things iMIS including Events? This session will focus on using the Events Module in the Staff Site and will dive into the module’s capabilities. After this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of what has changed, how to set up an event, and the functionality that is currently available.

Presenter: Kathleen Latchford, Business Improvement Analyst

Date: Tuesday 12th November 2019