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Digital Detox Jumpstart your 2021

It's safe to say we are all looking forward to leaving this year behind. We are all eager to start the year 2021 fresh, with a new set of resolutions and goals but what about your association’s new year resolutions?

For AuSE Live attendees we have you covered, this is your official and exclusive access to the Causeis Digital Detox commencing early 2021. Register your interest now.

Sign up below for your access to the Digital Detox for Associations and start your associations new year off with a plan. By registering you will have access to a series of resources in January to help your associations roadmap all conveniently delivered virtually.

The 2021 Digital Detox for Associations will give you insights, frameworks to help you plan and map your projects, a complimentary ticket to a Digital Academy course of your choice and a access to put your association to the digital test and see where you score with our Digital Score Assessment.

Sign-up to the Digital Detox

Causeis has developed a suite of resources to jump start your 2021 Digital Detox and Strategy. From January you will have conveniently sent to your inbox the tools you need to set your association apart from your competition and improve your members experience. Resources that you will have exclusive access to include: 

  • Digital Score Assessment by Causeis: We have developed an exclusive Digital Score Assessment that will analyse each area of your association and give you a starting score of where your association sits in the digital realm. 
  • Digital Academy for Associations: Complimentary registration to use in 2021 to any course 
  • Whitepaper: Your 10-Step Guide to Implementing a Digital and MX Strategy 
  • Framework: Creating a culture of Digital Success 

January will jumpstart your success for 2021 with these tailored and valuable resources. 

Sign-up to the Digital Detox by Causeis to jumpstart your association.

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