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Engagement Scoring for Growth and Continuous Performance

Engagement Scoring is a powerful tool that associations can leverage to identify growth opportunities and enhance performance. Your association cannot rely on past activities to measure future success. Measuring current behaviour will enable your association to quickly respond and shift priorities. Engagement Scoring is the ability to gain insight by measuring and weighing members engagement and participation (or lack of participation) with the association.

Learn how to utilise your data to understand member behaviour, needs and potential risks to your association.


When: Tuesday, 7th  and continuing Thursday, 9th December from 10am until 1pm (AEDT)

Delivery: Virtual

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What will I learn?

This Digital Academy session will give you the tools to define your own Engagement Score, and strategies for implementing growth outcomes. The course will cover:

  • The theory of engagement and scoring techniques
  • Tools to create and develop an engagement score
  • Framework, templates and resources to help your association implement engagement scoring
  • Learn how scores can be defined and measured
  • Discover how frequency, time and weighting impacts scoring
  • Using engagement scoring to identify and implement operational strategies
  • Learn from other users as you workshop real-world scenarios.
  • Hear from leading associations on their engagement scoring strategies.

This workshop-style course is designed specifically to help association executives and managers to navigate engagement scoring, learning through real-world scenarios and examples. This course is not technical and not aligned to any products. It will assist any association executive or manager to understand engagement scoring and how it can be used to harness opportunities.

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