Digital & MX Guide

Your Association’s Digital and Member Experience Guide

Our 10 step Guide for Preparing for the New Normal

In the past months we have seen an immense change across the world. Never in recent times have we faced the challenges that are confronting us and affecting the lives of our members. Your association can no longer rely on past strategies or campaigns to remain effective in this environment.

This Digital and Member Experience Guide developed by Causeis will steer your association to enable new digital strategies while remaining focused on the most part of your association; the member experience. We encourage all associations to take time to read this guide, identify practical strategies and explore new innovative ideas that are now available to you and your members.

This is an opportunity for your association to fast-track your digital transformation and to be a relevant force in your members changing industry.

In periods of crisis and uncertainty, the single most important opportunity your association can do is to stop and plan. Unless it is truly a matter of survival for your association, do not rush to implement without a strategy as this may add confusion, poor member experience and perhaps compromise your brand.

Your association can steer through this period of uncertainty by planning, developing functional digital strategies, and implementing clear operational goals.

The Digital and Member Experience Guide will help you develop new plans and strategies, or potentially confirm existing plans you are now implementing.

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