Innovative Thinking

Using iMIS EMS to help your association grow

Causeis is pleased to present this Innovative Thinking workshop – Using iMIS EMS to help your association grow.

iMIS EMS is the cloud release that associations are implementing and rapidly upgrading too. With so many new features being frequently released, join this workshop to share strategies on how to implement these features to help your association grow.

Led by our Managing Director, Michelle Lelempsis and Director of Consulting Services, Travis Campbell, Causeis will show you how to take advantage of iMIS EMS. You will gain knowledge and ideas to implement across the following areas:

  • How to reduce your iMIS support and access unlimited resources.
  • Top 6 new iMIS EMS features and how to implement for your association.
  • Preparing to upgrade to iMIS EMS: What you can do now?
  • Real-world iMIS case studies.

Travis Campbell

Director of Consulting Services, Causeis

As the Director of Consulting Services at Causeis, Travis leads the team of technical and digital consultants to deliver outstanding projects and ongoing support. Travis has a background in Business Systems, having completed a Master of Information Technology (Business Systems), and working in a variety of implementations and consulting roles in his career spanning more than 20 years.

With a passion for business process improvement and automation, Travis has worked with many organisations over the past 7 years to implement system improvements to harness the power of the iMIS Engagement Management System. Travis leads our upgrades projects and is excited about working with clients to realise the potential of modern releases of the iMIS EMS.

Michelle Lelempsis

Managing Director, Causeis

Michelle has consulted and presented in Australia and globally to 100s of associations to help them enable their digital strategies. Whether Michelle is presenting on engagement scoring, data analytics, member experience or how to align technology to meet your internal or external expectations you’ll find her passion and enthusiasm for the industry contagious.

With a career spanning nearly 20 years in IT, associations and not-for-profits, Michelle founded Causeis to bring a new level of expertise across strategy, digital and consulting.

With hands-on experience across every layer of associations and charities Michelle understands the full spectrum to support your mission.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021
10:00 am to 11:30 am