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Data Management for Associations

Data is one of an association’s most valuable assets. Data Management should be part of your operational and strategic plans to ensure it is valid, maintained and secure. But how do you manage, harness and leverage your data for performance improvement reporting? What techniques are there to help you instil good practices?

Associations that place a focus on data management for data driven decision making, are able to be more agile and respond quickly to a changing market. Causeis has developed this Data Management for Associations course to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to get the best value out of your data.


When: Tuesday, 14th and continuing Thursday, 16th September from 10am until 1pm (AEST)

Delivery: Virtual

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What will I learn?

By attending this Digital Academy course will explore a range of techniques to identify your associations growth opportunities through data:

  • Learn the role of data maintenance and strategies for managing your data
  • Using data for reporting across retention, engagement scoring or membership movements
  • Skills for easy interpretation of data within Excel
  • Identifying gaps in your association’s data
  • Designing and developing solutions to consistently improve and manage your data
  • Engaging your members to improve their provision of data
  • Templates and resources to help you implement a data management strategy
  • Learn from other users as you workshop real-world scenarios
  • Hear from leading associations on their data management strategies.

This workshop-style course is designed specifically to help association executives and managers to navigate data management practices and get the most out of their data. This course is not technical and not aligned to any products. It will assist any association executive or manager to improve your association’s data management practices.



David Wiebe

Robinson Ryan Company Director, DAMA Australia Past-President, Standards Australia IT 21 Records Management group committee member, contributor to the International Data Privacy, Ethics and Governance committee of DAMA International, contributor to Standards Australia 2006 AS 4590 – Interchange of Client Information, co-author of the Queensland Government Information Portfolio Framework. Industry data standards advocate.

David has over 25 years of experience in architecture, data management, data operations, systems development and integration. David has extensive experience with data modelling, SOA, business process management, database management and software development, having designed and implemented many projects from large-scale development to targeted proof of concept demonstration.

Michelle Lelempsis, CiP - Managing Director, Causeis

Michelle has consulted and presented in Australia and globally to 100s of associations to help them enable their digital strategies. Whether Michelle is presenting on engagement scoring, data analytics, member experience or how to align technology to meet your internal or external expectations you’ll find her passion and enthusiasm for the industry contagious.

With a career spanning nearly 20 years in IT, associations and not-for-profits, Michelle founded Causeis to bring a new level of expertise across strategy, digital and consulting.

With hands-on experience across every layer of associations and charities Michelle understands the full spectrum to support your mission.

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