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Are you getting the most out of your iMIS?

Causeis specialises in a signature iMIS Health Check that provides a full 360-degree review of an organisation’s iMIS environment and strategic alignment with business processes and objectives. As an Authorised iMIS Solution Provider, Causeis has the credibility and industry experience essential to understanding the complex and dynamic nature of not-for-profit organisations.

Throughout the iMIS Health Check, Causeis will partner with your organisation to review all essential business processes and identify best-practice solutions to help facilitate the delivery of your mission and business strategies.

A Phased Approach...

Throughout the iMIS Health Check process, Causeis will adopt a phase approach:

  1. Executive Planning and Kick-off Meeting – Provides the opportunity for key stakeholders to meet and discuss the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation and iMIS environment.
  2. iMIS Health Check: Audit of iMIS environment – Causeis will conduct a full audit of your iMIS environment to identify current functionality, gaps and opportunities.
  3. iMIS Health Check: Audit report and recommendations – Causeis will present and provide your organisation with a detailed audit report on your current iMIS environment along with recommendations.
  4.  iMIS Road Map and Business Strategy Alignment – Causeis will align recommendations with business strategy and develop a short to medium road map.

The Benefits...

Here are some of the benefits we've seen from clients who have engaged Causeis' iMIS Health Check:

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